Lower city

   Lower city is the largest portion of Bogotus by far, 12,000 of the entire 15,000 population resides in the lowest part. A 20 foot wall stretches from peak to peak of the Otus mountain range, providing a superb defense against invading armies.

   There are three gates which lead into Lower City, one large gate in the northeast section of the wall and two smaller gates to the south and north. There are rumored to be tunnels which lead through the mountain range as an escape route in the case of a siege which is against Bogotus' favor.

   The Duke's Road will lead through the Rose Gate, and following the main road through the city will lead through Market Row, through the largest part of the city, up to the Crown Gate, which is nearly always locked.

   Through the crown gate is a steeply sloped pathway which leads to Middle Town. Next to the Crown Gate is the Rose and Crown Inn, which is where Mayor Graves asked the adventurers to go and speak to Content Not Found: johnathan-flanders at.




Damen, The Wise

Rose and Crown Inn

Market Row

Lower city

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