Bogotus is where Kraziks, the Blood Wolf resides. Kraziks, self styled Duke of Wolves, rules the land from Yoroyas in the north, while his Eastern and Southern border are denoted by The Fris River and the Rainbow River, respectively.

It is a sprawling metropolis, with a population of 15,000 in the city and another 5,000 residence who live outside the city, farmers and the like.

Bogotus sits against the Otus mountain range, between two high peaks.

The city is arranged into three tiers, with lower city forming a horse-shoe beneath Middle-town, which in turn surrounds the upper reaches of the Duke’s Landing.

Lower city is where most of the citizens reside, along with most of the industry of the town.

Middle town is where the upper crust lives, as long as many of the more prestidious institutions, such as the Rose Institute of Higher Learning, Law firms, public courts, two hospitals to name just a few.

Duke’s Landing holds the Duke’s Castle, a massive structure, capable of housing nearly the entire population of Bogotus in a pinch. It is highly defensible, considered a nearly impenetrable bastion of defense. It is here where Kraziks, the Blood Wolf resides.

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