Kraziks, Duke of Wolves

This fiftyish man is anything but feeble. Built like an ancient oak, he looks like he could tear one barehanded from the ground.


Kraziks is a living legend. the common story is that he earned a name for himself by fighting in the savage Blackheart Wars. His first name was simply The Butcher. Savage, ruthless and cunning, he infamously murdered an entire village of women and children because their men had been too easy to defeat. As the wars raged on he eventually became known as the Blood Wolf. More animal than man, he raged in the southern forestlands. It is said that he has personally killed more than a thousand men in combat.

His army cut its way north through the relatively peaceful land of the Rose lands. The barbarians stood without the gates of Bogotus and gave the people just one chance to avoid total annihilation. Throw down Weak King Gats and accept Kraziks as their new king. The people, already dissatisfied with Gats, made the decision in a single hour. Kraziks rode into town and took his new position as Duke as what he now termed the Duchy of Wolves.

His remaining army, some three thousand men (a pittance compared to the sixty thousand he reportedly had at the height of the war) became his loyal personal guard, the Blood Wolves.

No one knows what prompted Kraziks to move onto the peaceful kingdom of Rose, but theories abound, from infernal domination of his mind, to a simple desire to retire to comfort and relevance. Whatever the reason, his coup was unforeseen and nearly perfect in execution.

In the present, Kraziks has been ruling Bogotus for nearly twenty years now and has been doing a good job. He is well loved by the people and most see his ascension to the throne as a positive development, as no other nation dares war with The Duchy of Wolves while it is being governed by the Blood Wolf.


Kraziks, Duke of Wolves

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