BIlly Congar

This lanky, weaselly man has a snide smile on his face.


Billy is a snide little weasel of a man. Though Known as a local troublemaker, he nonetheless has a loyal following of village boys and men. He prides himself on his ability to get under other’s skin and is quick with an insult.

When the adventurers came back from The Portal Under The Stars, he skulked in the tavern, getting drunk on beer and hatred. He started a fight with the adventurers after he’d become sufficiently drunk. They soundly thrashed him and threw him out.

The Next day him and about 15 of his friends were waiting on the roadside, planning to steal the treasure from the adventurers. Unfortunately for Billy, Eres managed to talk his friends into abandoning him. Being defeated and thoroughly humiliated for the second time in as many days he ran off into the forests, yelling loudly that he won’t ever forget this and they’d better watch their backs.

I’m sure they’ll never see him again.

BIlly Congar

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