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Adventures in Bogotus

The party makes new contacts, finds adventure and hookup with some ladies.

Their first night in Bogotus was interrupted by tragedy. A fiend, named Timmy Shark-Tooth, sneaked into the room of Ahnuld, Vinnie-The-Bat and the two villagers. He robbed them and murdered them. Fortunately, the brothers, Danil and Jonny Owens, came upon him in the act. They heroically slew the vile scum, but the damage was done. The remaining adventurers sadly divided his loot and moved on with their lives.

In the morning, the party split and pursued different objectives. Pink and Reese went to Middle town to see J. Cooper. The guard at the gate let them through with little hassle, informing them they were free to visit Middle Town for the day as long as they kept the day pass tokens with them. Pink lost little time in taking a mold of the passes so she could later forge duplicates.

It didn’t take them long to find Cooper and Cooper Law Offices. They were greeted by a jovial, fat man who said the cooper they wanted was his father. He went to an adjacent room and returned, informing them they could go see Mr. Cooper now. Pink complimented Cooper Jr. on his fashion sense, and Jr. told her he’d be happy to discuss fashion with her anytime.

J. Cooper Sr. was an older man with grey in his temples. He took the manuscript and paid the adventurers a sum of fifty gold for the work done. He let them know that any friend of Mr. Chandler was a friend of his and if they ever needed a good lawyer he’d have their back. They thanked him and left, stopping to get some more fashion advice from Cooper Jr..

Meanwhile, Eres and Sam Wo went to check out the town. Eres went to a temple of Justicia, Godess of forgiveness and justice. He approached a devout, but poor-looking woman, and told her of a secret mission he had for her. He wanted her to go to the river outside of town and retrieve an evil artifact, a rod in the shape of half of a demon’s head. He offered her ten gold to retrieve it, and another twenty-five gold to bring it back. She readily agreed, with the understanding that he would destroy the evil artifact once she brought it back. She left in haste to complete her mission.

After that, Eres and Sam Wo began meeting the locals, trying to find someone who knew about the Living Flame. After a time they met a pair of young noblewomen slumming it in Lower City. Tammy and Becky were friendly. They were fascinated by the two outsiders, their rough appearance and stories of the dangerous roads. After talking a while, Sam Wo broached the subject of the Living Flame. Tammy had no idea what that was, but Becky had heard her father talking about it. Lord Locke Cooke was known for having just such a specimen. He had acquired it years ago, and had become quite famous for using the flame as a weapon during the War of the Rose and Wolf. He displays it once a month in his mansion in Duke’s Landing.

Sam and Eres managed to hit it off with the girls, and they asked the boys to attend a ball with them tomorrow night. They readily agreed and the girls spent the afternoon taking Sam and Eres shopping.

Meanwhile: Reese went back to Alligan to pick up the Eyes of Entei, which he’d left with Alligan to discover the command words to activate them. Alligan had discovered the command word, and showed Reese how to utilize the eyes.

He told them of their origin. They were crafted millennia ago for a great God Wizard. He, with the aid of his deific patron, crafted twelve eyes. They had the power to absorb kinetic energy, almost without limit, and then release the stored energy in short bursts. The eyes were each named individually, with these two being called Rohidron and Bealderan, which in the tongue of the God-Wizard meant Great Flame and World Scorcher. Alligan told Reese that he would happily buy the Eyes for ten electrum each.

He informed Reese that the Eyes had a destructive capability that most had no knowledge of. They could be made to release all the pent up thermal energy in a single, cataclysmic blast. The power released could (and in fact had in millennia past) destroy entire cities. The user would of course die, but the Eye would survive, and begin storing energy again. Reese agreed to sell one Eye, and worked the price up to eleven electrum and twenty gold (1,120 gold). Having concluded their business, Reese left to go back to the tavern.

While shopping in Middle City, Eres managed to slip away for a time. He visited the most prestigious architect in town. He fabricated a story about deciding to start a life in Bogotus and wanted to build a manor that was very similar to Lord Cooke’s. The Architects apprentice gave Eres a knowing smile. He offered a trade. He’d give Eres the floor plans to Cooke’s Manor and even lay out the guard security in exchange for fifty gold. After a bit of negotiation, Eres took the deal and walked out with floor plans and understanding of the guard rotation. He also learned where the Living Flame was kept, and that the enclosure was fifteen feet to a side. With this knowledge he went back to the girls and Sam Wo. Both of them tried to ply their affections onto the girls, but only Sam scored. He thoroughly impressed the young lady with his adroit mastery in the arena of the bed.

That night the party (With Sam conspicuously absent) met back up at the Rose and Crown Inn. Eres found the woman he had set out earlier waiting for him in the common room. She had acquired the rod and sat in a corner, clearly overcome with nerves. She frantically gave the rod back to Eres and was duly paid her promised twenty-five gold pieces for completing the work. She eagerly left, apparently wanting no more part in cloak and dagger missions.

That night the party held a council. They discussed what to do about the Living Flame and the Dryad wood. Lord Cooke was set to show his Flame off again in twenty-four days, but Eres and Sam were invited for a ball the next night. Other than this singular invitation, they were not welcome to just wander in the Duke’s Landing. With some thought, Eres decided it probably wouldn’t be too difficult to acquire fake identification to get into Duke’s Landing.

After talking about it for a while, they reached the conclusion that to pull the heist the next day was simply beyond their ability. They decided to pursue the Dryad and then come back for the Living Flame.

They slept that night and in the morning went to see Alligan for advice regarding Dryads and Living Flame.

Alligan told them, without asking for payment, that Dryads were a type of creature that lived in forests and acted as their guardians. The collected near-consciousness of a large forest of trees can produce a single Dryad which will defend the forest against invaders or overly aggressive foresters. The Ugly Woods, to the south, being more than one hundred miles to a side, is reported to have thousands of Dryads in its shadowed depths.

A Living Flame, Alligan explained, is a creature from another world. When the stars are in alignment, there is sometimes gateways opened to other worlds and creatures will occasionally wander through. The Living Flame is just such an organism. It behaves much like any animal, driven by base needs, and can be kept as a pet, albeit a very dangerous one. Lord Locke Cooke famously has one in his mansion, which he utilized during the Rose Wolf War to great effect. He now displays it once a month in his manse and keeps it under lock and key the other twenty-nine days.

After some deliberation they decided to head south into the ugly woods to pursue the acquisition of Dryad wood. They began their preparation that day and resolved to leave sometime after the party which Sam Wo and Eres are to attend.


Good read, as usual. The writing completes the campaign experience and adds more flavor. It makes it sound like we actually know what we’re doing. grin … lots of role-play in this one. And no combat!

Adventures in Bogotus

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